Ree Smith

meet the maker

Tasmanian at heart and at home, with love for all things about living on the island.

She’s part of a small family, who drive momentum behind the brand and encourage her to keep growing and learning.

Ree has worked in and for various ventures and businesses for the past 12 years and it’s her life experiences that help inspire and keep her craft evolving.

She’s a bit of an introvert and homebody, who enjoys the relaxed, warm and comfortable environment of being Burrowed at home.

Ree has been designing and creating wearable artworks for her label, Burrowed, since 2012. Drawn to the natural fauna and flora of Ree’s island home, both obvious and more subtle links can be seen in each collection.

Each bead and stud earring is hand formed from polymer clay with precision, utilising on-trend and seasonal colour combinations. Each piece is unique with its own individual one-off design; never to be seen twice.

Cooler months bring the Knit Essentials collections; hand-knitted accessories made for everyday wear. Burrowed sources blended acrylic and wool yarn, providing softness, comfort and warmth.

Burrowed loves to support the businesses of Australia.